Minimal Surface

Hello Friends,

i’m trying to evaluate a minimal surface. While i’m getting a result, the ‘mean curvature’ component remains orange. Can any one suggests what am i doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

Can you copy the error message you get if you click the little message box on the left top of the mean curvature component? This will show you the error and help you to solve the problem.

Don’t need to evalute surface first, just use the UVPoint with reparameterized surface.

Hello Durucan,

Thank you, it worked once i re paramatrized the surface input of mean curvature.

I thought, once i re paramatrised the surface i didnt need to again re parametrise the mean curvature input.

many thanks for your quick response

Hello Andrew,

i was getting the error message as ‘…output could be unstable’

However, i have realised that possibly there could be some bug in the system?

just to get the error again, so that i can e-mail you, i ‘un reparamatrised’ the surface input of mean curvature.

However, now i’m not getting any errors, and the same mean curvature outputs!!!


…apologies for drip feeding, now i realised that while the error is gone, the surface aint behaving like a reparamaterised surface!

Minimal (6.73 KB)

Minimal Surface.3dm (44.3 KB)