Minimal Surface

I’ve been struggling to generate a smooth shape that is defined by five border conditions: One large square and four smaller circles:

A minimal surface script would appear to be a helpful resource and I have tried using a rhinoscript shared by Danny Boyles here.

I selected the following fixed nodes to initiate the script:

A careful inspection of this image will reveal that I had difficulty avoiding the selection of multiple nodes at once and this complicated what should have been a simple selection of perimeter elements.

All this to say that the mesh that I have been using as a basis for “relaxation” is not behaving as I would like. The existence of edges inside the mesh appear to also be derailing the proper execution of this script:

I have also seen a few tutorials online using the Kangaroo Physics Modelling Grasshopper plug-in and I’m wondering if this might be a better approach to achieving the desired result. Any help is greatly appreciated.

have you tried this with subd? Seems like a good fit for that…

This discussion was continued on a different thread, and SubD was suggested there too: