Mini wish: turntable to have 15 as default

Hi, I don’t often use the turntable command, but when i do I never use it at default 50 since that is very fast, so could you please just lower the default to 15 or something?
I mean, the point is to pan slowly around an object for inspection, so a slow pace would be better IMO :slight_smile:


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That said, it would be cool if it had a fullscreen button too…
Using it in fullscreen is pretty cool.

I believe you can just turn on Fullscreen mode and start the turntable command?

Yes, you can, but it is not intuitive.
(And you are typing in the dark, so easy to misspell if you want fullscreen to run in full fullscreen mode with no command line)

So since wishes are being wished:

  • It would also be nice to be able to pause it,
  • and change display modes while it runs :wink: