MIME Type for .FBX?

The dropdown filetype in the import geometry component lists .FBX, but I am having trouble importing from S3 bucket. The help topic in the link below does not list .FBX as a file extension that will be read successfully if no MIME type is set or the standard octet-stream or binary is used. I have also read that .FBX does not have a MIME type. Any suggestions?

Is there a list of MIME types per file- type that I can reference?

How to store external files (shapediver.com)

Our servers should support the application/fbx mime type, have you tried setting it up this way on your s3 bucket?

Yes. Set up with the application/fbx mime type but is not loading through the API or through the test import model Shapediver setup for me.


is the file. The same file will load if I import it directly from my computer.

This is the test link. https://www.shapediver.com/app/m/YUzevpPyM7pD8uy3erwNhn2YsfsY12

I would like to sort this out as I need to prepare hundreds of meshes to populate the library for my API import library. Thanks Mathieu.

I just created a very simple definition which displays a cube if no geometry is imported and replaces it with the imported file if it the import succeeds.

221214_FBXImportTest.gh (5.7 KB)

I uploaded it to ShapeDiver here: ShapeDiver

In this model, when I try to upload your file, it works without issues:

I could not find what the issue is with your definition, but maybe you can try to update to the latest version of the plugin (using the package manager) and rebuild the logic including the import component with this version. Let me know if that solves the issue. In any case, it does not seem to be an issue with the MIME type since it works properly in my example.