Millipede stress line mesh thickening with Weaverbird

Millipede stress line mesh thickening.
I try to achieve something like in the image below, but than by using Millipede and Weaverbird. However, I did not yet managed it.

Does somebody has any idea How I can get closer to this quality?

Different%20thickness%20mesh millipede stress curves (81.5 KB)

I really admire your tenacity, but Michael Pryor told you so often how he done it. You won‘t get these sharp edges with thickness via stress…

Yes, I understood that, but I want to try to make a constructive version of it.

I try to manage ‘the more stress lines close-by,’ the thicker the value for mesh thickening with weaverbird.

Pull point does not have a count function nor is cull duplicates handy here.

Remap the distance of pull point. For example your distance domain is 0-20. remap it to 1-0, so points far away don’t get moved or whatever and close points get more moved.


I have been trying to recreate something similar, but through a different method. where does Michael Pryor explain how it was done?

Sorry don’t remember. Try to search in the topics @Edward created. You’ll probably find it or use the search function with Edward and Michael as search.