Migration to netcore Application Settings

I have another problem migrating to netcore7.
See the image.
While debugging i try to load my plugin from RhinoOptions, plugin section .
Properties.Settings.Default gives exception for a simple string value in the constructor of myplugin : Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn

For who has my problems . I don’t know why but i am experiencing some strange behaviours in general in visual studio 2022. i opened a new solution with Rhino extension for visual studio,multitarget netcore 7 and netframework4.8. I have updated rhino common and grasshoper in nuget and importing all my progects…i think this is the only thing to do to have a clean solution. Be Carefull. If you create a new project without flagging winform and wpf you can buil the solution otherwise you have to specify “-windows”