MIgrating VA installation to a new system

Once I have RHino and V ainstalled and updated on the new machine, is it just the same as migrating unVa Rhino? Is the below thread valid without augmentation in such a case?
a la: Migrating to a new computer

Hi David,

Currently VisualARQ settings cannot be migrated to a new computer, but VisualARQ doesn’t have many custom settings. Docked panel positions, display modes, etc. (Even VisualARQ ones) will be migrated with Rhino settings.


Thanks Enric

Can you tell me where I will find these custom settings (Im not sure I have changed any of them, given that I don’tknow where they are) so I can recreate them?

I am thinking that all my VaStyles will migrate with my templates, yes?

That didn’t work. Custom Rhino Display Modes came with settings, but no VA ones. Exported Options from Rhino on old machine but importing them Crashes Rhino on new machine. There are a lot of custom Va
View Modes if I have to transfer them individually.

Actually all my customized Hidden Display Modes did come through with the systems migration. What did not come are all my customized Conceptual View Modes. I exported and imported those individually.