Migrating GH plugin .NET solution from Windows to Mac

Long time listener, first time talking . . .

I’ve been developing a GH plugin in Visual Studio for quite a while now. However, due to some reasons, I have to switch to a MacBook which only runs macOS. So, I need to transfer the solution to Visual Studio for Mac. I have been struggling with it for a while and although I change the output path of the solution it still throws me some errors while building about not finding the libraries folder in a windows path. I assume the path should be hardcoded somewhere in the *.csprj or *.sln file. Right?

How can fix this issue so that I can build the solution on Visual Studio for Mac?

ps. I managed to create and build a new project and it is working. So the development environment is fine. I am also pretty sure there are no dependency issues. I managed to import all my references into a new project and it is building just fine.

Thank you in advance,

Can you post the errors?
I use VS Code on Mac to compile GH plugins.

Sorry I couldn’t regenerate the error, but was solved by replacing the .csprj file. Just removed the whole after build part and it is working now.

BTW: how do you build your project in VS Code ?