Migrate 'settings' docked, customisations, etc

Firstly apologies if this has been asked!

I have recently bought a new laptop (lenovo yoga with active stylus digitiser - love it).

Having uninstalled rhino off my old Acer laptop and performed the installs new I’m now in the process of setting up all my plugins, toolbars, toolbar button customisation docked window arrangement, etc.

I originally got comfortable with Rhino on my desktop, then couldn’t use that as much due to changing work needs and being at the desktop less often (out of the office more often). first time around with the Acer I just sat it next to the desktop and went through the process of installing and customising it all manually; using the desktop as a visual reference - PITA.

It there a better way to migrate settings (including all those things I mentioned? toolbars enabled, customisation to those toolbars, docked window positions and size (in pixels or screen %), etc

Hi Andrew - see


Mostly too late now, if you’ve uninstalled from the other machine - you can probably reinstall there and get enough back to make OptionsExport useful.


Thanks Pascal,

Still have the desktop install where it all started; so I think you may have saved the day after all! :slight_smile: will report back & confirm.

P.s. Assume I’ll need to install all the plugins first otherwise the toolbars in the settings won’t be available?