Mid snap on trimmed edges seems to not be working....V6 11 Jul

Mid snap on trimmed edges seems to not be working…V6 11 July. I am trying out a few different combinations. I understand there was a similar issue last year, so I will check that out as well.


Thanks for the report, I’m not seeing this issue here but I have an internal build a few days older. Can you post a simple trimmed surface where mid-osnap isn’t working for you?

I think this shows what I mean. There IS a mid snap point at the end of the corner rad just to the left of my non-snapped curve, but it isn’t in the ‘middle’ where I expected it to be, and it isn’t where the mid snap is on the curve that did the trimming. Intuitively, I would expect them to be the same. Although always interested if they don’t for a reason, always interested to learn more about Rhino!!

No mid snap on trimmed srf.3dm (187.9 KB)

Thanks for looking into this!!

Hi Tim - I guess the snapper sees the single trim curve but once you add that curve separately to the document with DupEdge it is added as a polycurve and not a NURBS curve. The polycurve has the expected segments, each with its own Mid, but the NURBS curve does not. I see that the surface does carry the polycurve info on its edge curve so it might be possible to get the expected result, I’ll ask…