Microsoft Wants to Elliminate Local User Logins - IT is Enraged

This would give MS the power to stop you from using your computer, any day it wants to. It would also mean that you computer’s ability to boot would depend solely on Microsoft’s server reliability.

Well that was an expected result from making Win10 the last home Operating system, don’t you think?

At least I expected Win10 to transform itself into something like ChromeOS, you would own the hardware but not the software and if you don’t pay you’ll have nothing but a brick at home.

Forgive me if I am wrong here, but I think that’s the way it has been for a long time if you have an Apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad) - you have to have an AppleID in order to use them… no?

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I don’t think you need any Apple ID to install OS X, you need it to sign in in the App Store and download software from it, it’s convenient but not mandatory.

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I dunno, been a long time since I even tried to set up a Mac, but I know that I was not able to set up my iPhone without entering my AppleID…

Yes, in the case of iOS you need an Apple ID.

A while ago when I learned you can put iOS on PC I tried and it was asking for ID in order to do it. I don’t know how it is now.

Btw Win10 has pretty much the same behavior. In older Windows you had to take a CD/DVD and re-install, now all you do is login with your MS account in windows and you can get your windows re-installed (assume you have internet connection :smiley: in case you don’t - run to your neightbor with a flash drive :smiley: )

Really it looks like they are widening the gap between home use and enterprise use. They’d be encouraging company to buy enterprise versions, use Office 365, active directory, etc.

To me it seems like narrowing not widening.
I use Office365, OneDrive, OneNote at home and at work there’s ActiveDirectory,Outlook365, OneNote (not one drive but it should be easy to turn the ftp into a cloud if the enterprise so desire)

By products, yes. I am thinking of the operating system.
For example, now for home versions, you almost must have a Microsoft account; almost cannot disable Windows Update, etc.

I mean…yeah freedom blah blah but even though my Internet is kind of crappy I might very well do this at home because using local logins is okay for 1 guy with 2 computers and the wife only ever uses her work laptop, but with 4 kids coming online…you need proper infrastructure, and I don’t think I want to worry about maintaining my own server. Freaking out over Microsoft wanting people to do this is…boring.

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Wait, this is just the beginning! With 5G on the horizon and IoT all will be software driven and connected to the vendors! Everything can be made dump if you stop paying for the software update and can’t login! Life as a service on subscription…
There is very interesting reading here :slight_smile:


only to download apps or use the cloud or whatever. i never log in, also not on my phone. it was annoying me a while with pushing me to log in but i found that this was caused by settings enabled which rely on login in. so in other words no apple id would be needed on either of the devices. at least not on mac os or ios, not sure about the watch though.

What I don’t like is that my pc is used as a server for updates for others - and there is no way to deactivate it, at least with that free Win 10 upgrade version. When I switch to standby or “energy save mode” my pc goes online at 2 am :frowning:

Yeah but you like fast downloading updates right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t care if my win updates takes an hour or a day or two to download.
But I think the “energy saving mode” is not legal. Only Microsoft is saving energy. And they don’t care to shut down my PC after using it as a server :angry:

Who uses that anyhow?
First thing I do on a laptop is maximize all properties and remove/deactivate the energy saving modes.

Oh, and I don’t turn off my PC :smiley:

This is my “energy saver”. Hackers would have to escalate to burglary to violate this one.

// Rolf