Microsoft Surface Book


I’m about to take the plunge this weekend and buy a Surface Book with the Performance Base, 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM unless someone wants to talk me out of it.


(John Brock) #2

It’s thin and light, and the battery life is good.
It’s also expensive, the screen is tiny, and because of it’s Intel display adapter chip, it is not fast.

I would never choose one as my main work computer.
If tiny and light is important to you for an occasional traveling computer, and you have lots of money, then sure.


The performance base comes with an Nvidia GEForce something and I can plug my large monitor in without a dock so the screen size is not an issue. I move around so thin and light is good!

(Gustavo Fontana) #4

I have it, also bought it thinking ‘just for travel’ since I also have a Precision 7710 maxed out specs. …I end up using it a lot more than that. It runs Rhino (especially V6) really well and I only notice slowdown with very late assemblies. But for most work it’s very nice. Also use it with a 4K monitor attached to the surface dock. It’s very good. It will only be slow for CPU rendering and Cycles also is very slow (maybe I didn’t check the GPU toggle for it?) but Octane runs ok, slow and steady with it.


Do you need the dock to run the external monitor? I thought you could run one external monitor without the dock.

(Gustavo Fontana) #6

Don’t need it. It’s just convenience that monitor, power, USB printer, other peripherals all are hooked to the dock brick (with is not really a ‘dock’ but rather a tethered cube).

You can also run monitor from mini-display port.


Get the dock. Really convenient if you come and go a lot.


So here are the before (Lenovo W520) and after (my new Surface Book) Holomark2 results. Other than it’s faster and the total score is higher, any thoughts on interpreting the other results? I’m not really sure what I’m looking at.