Microsoft has open-sourced .NET

Big news today for cross-platform developers: Microsoft has open-sourced .NET. This is a major event…and great news for RhinoCommon plugin developers. Read more about it from Miguel de Icaza, Scott Hanselman, and from Microsoft itself.


Also, the community edition of Visual Studio 2015 (functionally equivalent to the Pro version) will be free for single developers and small organisations.

Guys - will you support this IDE with Rhino (5/6)?

My guess is that is will probably ‘just work’ for .NET development. People are developing .NET plug-ins/components right now using the express edition.

As far as C++ development, we’ll only be able to tell once they’ve actually released this version. You will definitely not be able to develop for C++ projects on Rhino 5 since Rhino 5 is tied to MFC in VS2010. Rhino 6 will be built using VS2015 Pro once it is released, so this may be a possibility. We’ll just have to wait and see what “functionally equivalent” really means.

That’s a big, big, change!
And better for Rhino!
Very good to know.