_microscribecalibratetip crashes Rhino

This has happened to me a couple of times now.
I type in Mir to get the mirror command, but in my haste hit the c key and it runs the _microscribecalibratetip command… and then Rhino crashes

Oh and just lost me three hours of work !!
why is it I always forget to save when it matters

Hi Bill -

I’m seeing a crash report from you from November 3rd but nothing more recent.
At any rate, I suppose you are not using a MicroScribe and the easy way out would be to disable the MicroScribe plug-in in the plug-in manager:

It was earlier today wim
Pretty hefty crash so no autosave unfortunately (although I did find one from an hour or so previously)
Thanks for the tip regarding disabling the plugin… I’ll do that

You should have an AutoSave file in the Windows Recycle Bin with less than 20 minutes of lost work.

Yes I’m not sure what happened but I seemed to have lost more than that… anyway as long as I have a way to disable / prevent repetition I’m fine,
It’s certainly true that I didn’t lose anywhere near 3 hours wrk when I’d located the autosave file… although rhino didn’t flag there was an autosave when I reopened and the .bak file was several days old