MicroScribe Plug-in


I have a problem with the Plug-in Microscribe digitilizer, this is not the same Plug-in that there is on Rhino “3D digitilizer” that let you use Microscribe, but another one.
This Plug-in Microscribe digitilizer have an important and very useful function that let use different tips with different lenght to measure meccanical parts and to make a reverse engin.
So my problem is that when i use this plug-in in my PC everything is ok because when i change the tips of the microscribe the software make automatically the offset of the different tip with a calibration so i have exactly the right measure that i make, instead to another PC those measurement that i make are not the right measure because the plug-in doesn’t make the automatically offset of the tips and i don’t know why.

I Hope somebody can help me and solve this problem cause it’s really urgent.

Thank you for support.

Best Regards.

Hi aldi,
Would you please tell me which software you use that does ball-tip-compensation’?
Thanx … Chris