Microscribe G2X with Rhino 6?

Anyone out there using an old school Microscribe G2X with Rhino 6? I am not having luck setting it up with the latest version. I used to use it with Rhino 5 quite often; but this is the first time trying to use it with v6 and so far have not had luck.

We don’t have a G2X arm any longer.
We have a Rhino reseller in Amherst, VA that is a Microscribe dealer.
I sent them a message yesterday but did not hear back.
You might want to check in with them yourself.

link: https://gomeasure3d.com/microscribe/

I heard back from them:

The G2X does work in Rhino 6 with no issues with the 3D digitizer toolbar that is built into Rhino.

This tutorial still outlines the process even though it says Rhino 5. The features have not changed:


Let me know if you have any questions.


GoMeasure3D <support@gomeasure3d.com>

Thanks for the help!