MicMacTools V1.0 - scripted tools for Mac Rhino 5.1

Hi all,

I am releasing today my first version of MicMacTools, a set of Python scripted tools from my library that have been put together specifically for Mac Rhino. They are an outgrowth/subset of my MaqueTools toolset for Windows Rhino.

The explanations and download/install instructions are on my wiki page. If you want to just have a look at what tools are inside, you can read the PDF guide. If you have any comments/requests/bug reports , please post them in this thread. Feel free to e-mail me privately via the forum. Although I have tried to make the scripts as easy to use and error-free as possible, there are no guarantees on any of them, use at your own risk!

All of these tools should work in Mac Rhino 5.1 or later (as far as I have tested). However, there are a few which might error out or worse crash Mac Rhino 5.0.2 - these are noted in the guide, if you want to install MicMacTools in 5.0.2, please do not use these tools.

As per the install instructions, I recommend you back up your previous alias set before installing. Importing the MMT aliases will add 80+ items to your alias list - so if you decide you don’t want them anymore, you can reset your aliases to default and then re import your backup.

Again, let me know how these tools are working and how they can be improved…!



Very generous of you, Mitch! Looking forward to checking them out. ~Dave

Wow, it looks there are some really interesting and useful scripts in there. I’m also looking forward to trying them out. Thank you, Mitch!

Thanks for sharing Mitch, will check these out when I get to the office.

Thanks Mitch.

thank you.

Just one tiny request: Please include installation instructions in the Guide, or as a separate file in the download. I don’t have Internet access at my shop, and had to jump on here on my phone to find out how to install. :slight_smile:

OK, done, a pdf with install instructions is now included in the zip file…



Amazing! Thank you.

Awesome. Thanks, Mitch!

The BBSize and DupLayer commands have already found a home in my muscle memory. They’re going to save me a LOT of time and energy! Thank you!


Just digging into these, Mitch. Very useful collection!

In particular, SelectPlanarSrfs will be particularly nice for some of the things I work on. Many thanks for sharing these! ~Dave

Hi Mitch,

I stumbled upon a missing script in your MMTAliasList.txt file. —> MultiNestedBoundaryTrimCurves.py

[For anyone who wants to enable this Alias before Mitch gets a chance to update the text file, simply add:
MultiNestedBoundaryTrimCurves ! _NoEcho _-RunPythonScript "./MMT/MultiNestedBoundaryTrimCurves"
to the last line of the MMTAliasList.Txt file, then update the Aliases.]

That’s a pretty slick script!


Sorry about that! I’m gone for a long weekend, but I’ll fix it on Tuesday. The alias I had is TrimCrvsBoundary if I recall correctly.

Edit - just checked the alias list - it is in there as TrimCrvsBoundary… Does that not work on your end?

Thanks, --Mitch

My bad, Mitch. Yes, the Alias > TrimCrvsBoundary does run the MultiNestedBoundaryTrimCurves script.

I now see that a few of the Alias names are different from the script names — I was running the scripts directly and failed to notice this. Sorry to miss that before I posted!


Yeah, the scriptnames are sometimes rather long… I wanted something a bit more understandable in some cases.


Thanks Mitch, this is extremely useful for me.

Hi Mitch,
It seems that after one of recent updates of Rhino for Mac the script BatchExportSTLByObjWSett doesn’t work anymore - while it still does on Windows. Perhaps it is not difficult to fix?

OK, I haven’t updated my Mac in awhile, so I’ll do that first and test… Is there any kind of error message? Everything else working OK? --Mitch

Mitch, It was enough that you started thinking of it. It suddenly works today, I don’t understand… There must be something about it but I need to investigate more.