Metz's Pompidou carpentry principle in GH

Hi everyone. First post here.

I’m currently working on a universitary project involving proposals for the restauration of Notre Dame de Paris carpentry’s work. Long story made short, my team would like to create some kind of a root pattern for the base of the Arrow of NDdP, using the principle of Metz pompidou carpentry work.

The principle is similar to Vierendeel beams but in several directions.

Since I’m pretty novice in GH, I don’t know the way to modelize and apply efficiently that kind of principle onto my project :

So the idea is that each line (figuring a neutral axis) is given a global section (25*50 for exemple) and that this volume is divided into two sections with a void between them.

Where it goes a bit heavier, it’s that I’d like to parametrize my model so as to, when crossing each other, the beams are well interconnected like on the Pompidou’s picture above.

Does anyone know how to tackle this ? it seems pretty huge for me as I’m new in that software.

Kindest regards to all,