Metric bolts and nuts

Here is a (V5) file containing a series of blocks representing socket head and countersunk bolts in common metric stainless sizes 5,6,8 and 10mm, lengths from 8 to 100mm, plus 5,6,8 and 10mm nyloc nuts.

I hadn’t intended to place fasteners in my current model, but i found that doing so was well worth the time, since i could then easily order everything I needed (over 400 pieces), knowing it would be exactly what was required.

The screws have no threads, since I didn’t need that amount of detail.
The bolts have their insertion point centered just under the bolt head, so using centresnap to place it at the centre of a hole drops it right where its needed.
The nylocs have their insertion point placed in the centre of the end of the nut, so placing these with centresnap at the end of the bolt shows them done up flush with the end of the bolt.

When placing these in the model, I work in perspective view, and use a nifty macro off a button that Pascal wrote some time ago, that sets the centreplane to the view. This way its easy to drop the bolts and nuts where they are needed, rotate the view to the next angle, call the macro again etc…

Also, it might be worth noting that you can move the blocks by their insertion point if you first select the block, then call the points-on command. Even though there is no ghosted outline of the block when moving or copying it, (why?) it will in fact end up where you want it.

The heads of the socket bolts were made with the boltgen plugin, and the csunk heads were made by editing those, since there is no csunk option in boltgen, and the nylocs were made from scratch.

Hope someone finds these helpful.

cheers (1.0 MB)


Thanks for sharing this.
I’m not needing this at the moment but I’m sure I will soon.
So thank you!