Methods to replicate this

This is 3 minute Sketchup model. I’d like to replicate it in Rhino. For the multi-colored wall in SU, I’d just open the wall draw the line, array up, and paint each section the different color.
In my limited knowledge of Rhino, I don’t know how to do it other than make wall segments and stack them. Suggestions?

Also, any good Rhino Texture sites, like for concrete block?

CalipsoArt, it seems the same idea as SU. Instead of array , maybe extrude the curve as a surface, then color individual as youv’e done—Mark

I have achieved it to a point. I exploded the wall, drew the lines and used them to split. I then painted each surface. However, I cannot join it all to be a unit. It all becomes one color. This means the wall is now made up of 10 individual and separate surfaces.

You can make them a group. That keeps them together , but different colors—Mark