Method for generation of geometry for optimal lightening holes for aircraft structure

I’m hoping that there is a wheel that’s already been invented.
Since the fans will turn at thousands of RPM, and since it will be difficult to make perfectly balanced fans (using a Chadwick or other dynamic balancing scheme on such a small scale model might be difficult), the structure must be robust. And lightweight.
Is there a means or method of generating optimal geometry for lightening holes in planar components such as ribs in wings and bulkheads of aircraft structures?
BTW, I just saw the suggested link to Aircraft Geometry Codes and will be looking into it.

It sounds like you are looking for a special case of Topology Optimization. Since you want to apply this to planar components only, you could do with a 2D solver.

TopOpt is a Grasshopper plug-in that does this but I don’t know about the mileage for this one - it was developed in 2013 and while there was talk about an update, it looks like development has slowed down.

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