Method for deleting outlying rubbish around an obj import

After what felt like watching paint dry, I have an obj from a test of a prog called AliceVision meshroom
(2hrs 34mins versus 1hr 38mins Agisoft Photoscan)
In the progs viewer I didnt see any unwanted cloud points or mesh but now that the obj is open in Rhino V5 I have some unwanted clumps near the object, if I select one the entire model gets selected, if I ungroup I can select a clump but also parts of the model get selected as well.

Is there a tool to just select the clumps then hit delete ?

AV meshroom viewer is not good, no ability to Zoom right in and rotate model, also terribly slow compared to Photoscan for the same driver and non cuda (though card is cuba capable, it is not operational as CUDA.) Installed CUDA 10.1 toolset from Nvidia which put a much more recent driver on, it messed up my flight sim so off it came again.

wish McNeel did an affordable 3D from pics prog. Note the word affordable, for the occasional need to create 3D $8500 for CreativeCapture for example kills any chance dead. pricing assumes a prog is the sole tool for the user. Those users that are multi talented in pics and video, 3D and vector get financially nuked by such approaches.



It sounds like you may need to run SplitDisjointMesh so you can select the fragments, or select the big bits, and Invert the selection.

More affordable than Agisoft Metashape standard version for $179? I purchased it in 2012 when it was Photoscan and have not had to pay anything additional for updates including the new Metashape version.

Hi David,
I have just tested metashape and also my existing Photoscan demo (unable to save or export as its still demo) and Metashape wouldnt launch and froze PC. I updated the video driver and installed CUDA but then whilst it did launch it ran as if it was installed on a win3.1 pc, exported the result and it made a dogs breakfast of the very same pics and settings.
Must try and get licence number for Photoscan now ! I was hoping they would improve photoscan then buy it but my experience is not good so far. The $179 makes it the best 3D from pics prog out there, unless someone knows of a better one for about that much one off fee.

I will try SplitDisjointMesh, thanks…
update… tried that, selecting the part I want to keep sees all parts go yellow.
I was hoping it selected only the parts I clicked or had drawn a selection around.


OpenFlipper (free) has many tools for meshes … selecting and deleting “loose” components in meshes is possible, but an invert selection appears to be missing. It’s probably in there I just have not found it yet.