Metal Rendering Problem


I am trying to render a grill on the fly bridge of my model. The problem is that some of the surfaces seem to disappear at different angles. No matter which metal material I assign it, or where I place the sun, it still gives me the same results. I am not sure what to change.


Check the normals.

I just checked and the problem isn’t the object. It must have to do with the reflection of the gelcoat material against the stainless steel material. The reflective finish for the stainless steel is metallic and the type is balanced. I changed it to no light source reflection or highlight, but that didn’t change anything.

I can’t tell specifically what surfaces are disappearing on you based on view. But if you mean the interior of the sink basin… I would suggest increasing the number of reflection rays possible here:

I meant the surfaces of the grill.

Here is another view showing the problem.

Thanks for explaining more. Try decreasing the ‘sharpness’ of the metal so it doesn’t have a mirror finish. This will diminish the continuation of the counter line in the reflection.

This did work only when the sharpness was 0, but then the grill becomes more fuzzy. Any other suggestions?

I wouldn’t go that low with the sharpness or it won’t look like metal… it’s a balance. Post a shot of where you’re at now and I can give you some feedback. Let the render calculate for a bit after reducing the sharpness to .7 as a test. If you still don’t like the look, you’ll need to change the lighting probably or try the path tracer method.

here it is after rendering 14 passes and with the sharpness at .7

The last one your posted looks worse for the grill! I think your earlier version with it dark was a little better.

Perhaps adding an additional ‘Environment’ map to ONLY the grill (use a darker one) with a 10% or 30% opacity would do the trick?

If you round the corners on the grill, I think that might help a little as well.

How do you add an environment to only one object?

I agree with Nates that the darker version gives you more contrast along the silhouette. Adjust the highlight color to a darker grey in the metal material to try a darker version.

The Material Properties panel should allow you to select a texture as “Environment”. In Flamingo it might be called “Environment Reflection”?

Hi, could you tell us if you have enough space between your grill and the niche reserved for the grill? Otherwise the grill would look like interfering with the surface. Even if you need to state a seamless niche for the grill you should think like in real life… Give the grill a minimal space to breathe. I would suggest in general to add tiny radii to the gelcoat surface as well as to the metal plates in order to increase contrast and shape contour. Does this help?