Metal material type problem & request

It’s great how the named material types allow user intention to be retained, but I’d like to request a small change to the Metal material, to take that a little further. Currently the user can choose a metal type by name, but this is only communicated by means of RGB presets in the color picker for the metal color, and we have there a duplication of colors between brass and gold:

So the first level of my request would be to at least make the color of those two slightly different.

The second level would be to suggest a small change to the metal type, where we are made able to know what the user had in mind, without guessing by the RGB. This could be done by putting a combo-box in the metal gui, where instead of using the color picker, users can choose from the various metal types:


If they want to use a custom color, the color chip is still provided, but would only be enabled when “Custom Color” is chosen for the metal type. This could also be done to the Gem material, mainly for consistency, but also with the side-effect of allowing to choose a custom gem color.

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I don’t know if this is relevant, but on OS X we don’t have those metal colors at all in the color picker (“gold”, “bronze”…) :thinking:


That is very relevant, thanks for noting! Let’s chalk it up as an argument in favor of the second part of the suggestion – and perhaps strongly in favor, as I imagine it would be far easier to add a metal type combo-box, than to extend the color picker.

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Hi @jdhill,

I’ve logged both ‘issues’.

– Dale

Thanks Dale!

Sure you do, this is 6.22:

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Wow, yes, you’re right! I never accessed the color picker that way! Thanks @nathanletwory, sorry @jdhill


It happens :slight_smile: We all learn every day new things (:

Yes :+1:

How well do the RGB values correspond to the “metal” colors in Windows, though…?


@maxsoder would know that.

The Metal Colors on the Mac should be the same as on Windows. If there is a difference, then it is a bug.

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Great, thanks! So… this is useful info, @jdhill


That’s good to hear. :slight_smile:

RH-56068 is fixed in the latest WIP