Metal cover design together

Metal (1.8 MB)
Hi all.
I am modeling a metal cover, but I have designed it separately (beams and belts separately); I’ve done that because I designed all the coverage together and then I designed it in the sap or etabs program and compared the results and they were very different (I did not have this design ordered, but I did it in a quick way to check, so I did not I upload said file). My question is how can I get equal results in both grasshopper (karamba) and in Sap or Etabs; what conditions should I take into account to model the entire coverage and what should be considered in the beam-belt nodes (intersection node)?
I upload my file in grasshopper where I design beam and strap separately, but the visualization is of all coverage.
I hope you can help me. Thank you

Hi Wcolunchen13,
You definition is quite large and complex. For debugging try the divide and conquer method: Split up the definition into meaningful parts and test the parts individually.