MetaHopper update deletes "Wrap" and "Unwrap" components

Again, this is not related to Human UI, but still in the “Human” universe.
I updated the MetaHopper.gha to the latest version, and I get these error messages at opening :
Wrap unwrap
The problem is that the said components are deleted instead of displaying an “OLD” strip as is the case for example with the Human “Bake” component.

It becomes quite a mess to fix a large definition if you can’t remember where the components used to be…

By the way, why has the “N” for “N levels” input been removed from the “Wrap” and “Unwrap” components ?
It seems to wreak havoc on my definition.

sounds like you’re just trying to open it with an old version of metahopper. try the attached? MetaHopper.gha (268.5 KB)

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Actually, the link on “Food for Rhino” is 404’d, but when I last downloaded, I’m sure I picked the latest version.
Something is messed-up…
The file you just posted fixes everything… in fact I had the right version in the beginning.