Metahopper: Set Value List and Boolean Toggle?

I started using Metahopper recently for some very specific use cases, where I not only need to set slider values, but also value lists and boolean toggles. Is this already possible with Metahopper or could it be added? Setting slider properties works fine, but I can’t change everything to sliders obviously.

For the value list in 99% of cases I use it as a dropdown list, so just setting one value would be fine.

I basically need to import a bunch of settings from a different software tool we have coded and set the sliders, booleans and value lists - almost like calling a preset.

Is it possible to add those @andheum or do you know of another way to achieve this (apart from writing a script for it, which is way out of my league)?

I believe you can already do this with “set object value”. Not 100% sure it works for a toggle but I know it works for a value list - can’t remember if it expects the string representing the selection or if it wants an index.

Nice, it works as you mentioned.

For the value list you need to set the exact wording, which is a shame. Is there a way to retrieve all the values in a value list? Object Info only retrieves the currently set value. (9.0 KB)

Update: found a solution for getting the value list keys in this thread. (11.2 KB)

There’s also a metahopper component for this called GetListData :slight_smile:

Oh, was using an outdated version once again. Wow, there is loads of new stuff!

I installed it via Yak now :wink: Does Yak actively notify you of updates to plugins?

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