Metadata to Hypermesh

Hi all,

I’m working with a project right now trying to figure out how to assign metadata to surfaces, points, and solids in rhino and then have them transfer over to Hypermesh. Right now, we are using the IGES export file. Any information on how to tag these components in Rhino and have them exported in the IGES file would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Alex - you can use SetUserText and Hyperlink on objects in Rhino, but I can’t imagine any of this is attached to IGES surfaces on export - I do not have any great ideas, off hand.


@pascal thank you for the quick reply!
Do you know of any export file types beyond the 3gs type that would save these commands as metadata?

Hello - I do not - it may be that iges supports extra data (I don’t know, I suspect not) but we do not write it from Rhino that I know of. Rhino Notes can be written the the iges file and there may some way to trick the target application into reading something useful from that .


Yeah we’re having some real trouble working with the compatibility with these two programs. Here is a link to some metadata gathered from the IGES files that import in Hypermesh:
If you have some time, can you take a look at the “tag” section at the bottom? We think this may be the only way to have metadata save to a component but we have no idea how to assign tags in Rhino.
Sorry for all of the questions. I really appreciate your help with this!