Meshtonurbs to convert faceted circular elements into proper nurb curved elements?

Is this something that’s possible now or in the works? My coworker used sketchup and I basically have to rebuild his models due to the many circular elements that come in faceted. Help! Is there a command that can make a calculated assumption that this 35 line faceted circle actually should be a real circle?

You’re describing the process called Reverse Engineering.
It’s a painful process currently.

For V7, there may be a workflow that will require remeshing the imported mesh, converting to SubD, sorting out crease details, then converting to NURBS surfaces. It’s not ready for production work yet but it looks promising.

Have a look at this introduction video by Phil Cook:

You can try this on with “near-circles” (curves, not meshes)… Setting the tolerance to 0 will make any planar curve into a circle. It should be pretty close to the outer diameter, but depending on how the points are distributed, it might be slightly off. (3.6 KB)

Thanks. This works on closed faceted circles, but not on anything that’s not closed unfortunately.

Whoa ok thats too bad

Yep, it was originally just designed to fix certain types of near-circle objects that SimplifyCrv wouldn’t.