MeshToNURBS Isocurves always on (imported Mesh objects only)

The _MeshToNURBS command ignores the Options>General setting not to show surface isocurves. Surfaces created from meshes always have isocurves on. These few extra clicks each time after running the command add up daily into a lot. Could we have that fixed ?

EDIT: It happens only for mesh objects imported from non-Rhino formats. Meshes created in Rhino are behaving OK.



Anyone else seeing this?

I’m not, FWIW.
I unchecked the option in Options > General and then made a cylinder. That cylinder didn’t show isocurves. Meshed the cylinder with the Mesh command and then ran MeshToNURB on the resulting mesh. The individual faces of the NURBS polysurface didn’t have isocurves.

Hi Wim,

thanks for testing. Thanks to that I narrowed down when the problem happens. So for some reason it works OK with meshes created within Rhino, but not for meshes imported in Rhino from other formats, at least from what I can tell after some more testing. I hardly have a need to MeshToNURBS objects that were created in Rhino but very often imports.

So - try getting the same meshed cylinder exported from Rhino to either SKP, OBJ or 3DS (I tried all 3), import back and then MeshToNURB. I get IsoCurves ON for each result.


So do I.
(Now also tested with FBX and DXF).

Yeah, thanks for confirming that-