MeshToNurb problem

I’m Ashraf, student at faculty of engineering, cairo university
I’ve downloaded the last trial version of rhinoceros and began to work on
I’ve included a 3D-Doctor model and need to make MeshToNurb command to get volume rendering
but I think it isn’t working
I want to know if this command isn’t included in the trial version and if it’s not can you recommend me how to use this command well

The MeshToNurb command is basically an “emergency-only” command. (Read the warning in the help file).

Your screen capture shows that the command was executed and chances are that it was still running at that time. You can check the process in the Windows Task Manager.

Are you -very- sure that you need this in NURBS? And why? I don’t understand what you mean by “volume rendering”.

If you really do need it as NURBS, you could probably explode the mesh and convert smaller parts / chunks in one go and afterwards join things.

I can’t understand what do you mean by an emergency command
I need solid geometry to import it in Ansys program to solve Fluid-Structural analysis so I need it as a volumetric geometry to be able to make fluid analysis

Hi Ashraf - make sure to look in Help for the MeshToNurb command - it may not be doing what you expect. Does Ansys not accept meshes, by the way?