Meshsplit error example

Hi, I have trouble with meshsplit where it deletes mesh faces
It also makes multiple parts that are not very logical.


In this scenario I would like it to just split the mesh faces, and not make multiple parts, so I joint the results back together, but that is not possible when it deletes parts.
(So I have to split, join, split join etc to get a good result)

meshsplit with curve error.3dm (923.7 KB)

Hi Jorgen, I see what you’re after and SplitMeshWithCurve does not, as you’ve discovered, do that - it wants to split the mesh into two. I think there is a test command that might help, and if I can discover what it is, I’ll let you know, but of course the developer I want to ask happens to be out today.


I made a workaround using macro, so it works for me right now. Not clean and beautiful, but gets the job done. Basically like this:

rs.Command("_MeshSplit -_SelID "+str(mesh)+" _Enter -_SelID "+str(curve)+" _Enter _SelLast _Join _selNone")```