MeshSplit bug - again

I know the MeshSplit bugs have been reported over and over in the past years and there are at least several YT entries with the reports and sample files. Now from what I can see the ‘fix’ is not slated for 6.0 release.

While I am sure the fix to make the mesh split more reliable and work with weird cases and not-so-clean meshes is a major work, there is one particularly ugly bug that is very annoying and IMHO is a small omission and could be an easy fix - I am talking about splitting meshes where the “disjoint” parts disappear after split. Having to disjoint the mesh every time before splitting now takes a lot of extra steps, and sometimes we don’t even notice the parts of what has been split disappeared until it is too late and pieces of models are lost.

Here is a sample file to refresh what that problem is about:
MeshSplitSimpleSample.3dm (59.7 KB)

Could at least that sub-bug be fixed, without the major fix to mesh intersector rewrite ?

thank you


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Thanks for the report. I couldn’t locate the exact same bug in a quick search so I filed it as

I can’t say how easy or hard this is to fix but it’s on the pile. Thanks for the clear sample model.

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Hi @jarek

issue RH-42678 is now fixed in the latest Rhino WIP.
There are more info on the New Mesh Intersection Milestones page.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates