MeshOutline strange result

Dear community,

Just wondering what I did wrong or overlooked in the following: while trying to get a mesh outline, I get a strange result (see below: right the mish in “Right” viewport, used to create the MeshOutline and left the resulting meshoutline). I would just expect the outer contour, but get these loops inside what I consider to be the MeshOutline.

If needed, I can also provide the stl file, but that one is 3.5Mb.

Kind regards,

Filip Rooms

Hi Filip,

Attaching the file (or uploading it to some other place than placing the link in here) would be a good idea.

OK, I uploaded the file to

Setup was applying the command MeshOutline in viewport “Right”.

That’s a completely twisted, awful mesh… There are 400 naked edges in there and several self-intersecting areas… Anyway, CurveBoolean will clean this up, it’s a bit tricky to script, but it can be done…