MeshOutline failure

I need to process several MeshOutline in Rhinocommon from the Top View to find the outlines of a polysurface (beforehand converted to a Mesh with specific parameters) at different heights.
But it happens very frequently that the Mesh.GetOultines() fails and returns Nothing.

I find a work around by adding the mesh into the document, run the script command _MeshOutlines and get the result.
But then I managed to find an example where even the script _MeshOutlines from the document fails, but succeed if the mesh is translated along XY.

meshoutline_fail.3dm (187.0 KB)

I would like to work exclusively with virtual geometry in RhinoCommon and not using the RhinoDoc and scripts.

Similar problem:

Hi @michael.trabella,

Thanks for reporting. I’ve added the test file to this existing issue.

– Dale

Same problem here: I need to get projected outlines of parts for nesting and Mesh.GetOutlines() fails miserably on about 10% of the parts.

I am generating the meshes on the fly from a closed brep using Mesh.CreateFromBrep(). All the breps are created with the same script and pretty similar.

Need more samples, @dale?

Hi @fabian,

I’m happy to append addition examples to the issue above.


– Dale