Meshmixer anyone got it to navigate like rhino?

I have installed meshmixer latest version 3.5.474 but unable to rotate a kneeling figure, view at start is his personal right hand side, I can rotate him to tip over head first, or to view down, but to get him to rotate so I view his front, it wont budge. I can toss the model about but cannot get to the front view.

Why cant progs adopt a universal nav system ? Photoscan is dead easy,

does anyone use meshmixer and have overcome the nav system, its an organic editing prog nicely suited to rhino.

Even the mystery of pulling out the surface ‘normal’ to the area, no one has explained that as yet. you would think that would be default direction but it isnt.



Hi @Steve1, are you aware that Rhino uses the ZAxis as vertical and MeshMixer uses YAxis ? When you import your model from Rhino to MeshMixer, is the orientation identical ?

If not, you may look at the preferences in MM (using Alt+T) and look in the file tab where you can set “Flip Z-Y axis on Import-Export”.

Rhino also offers to flip the axes if you export / import using the obj file format.


I will take a look at that, now who would expect a 3D prog to see Y as vertical, who designs these things ?

even so tumbling a model about should work all ways, not hit a barrier.


Different people. That is also why there is also a left-handed and a right-handed coordinate systems. And why some people insist driving on the left side of the road is better.