MeshIntersect WIP - terminology and results


In the file below, there is a mesh box and a mesh plane (on an off layer).

In V6, MeshIntersect has no options and fails to find the intersection between the box and the plane - even though the box is lying exactly on the plane. The same happens using an infinite lane with the mesh box. I assume this happens because the internal tolerance the mesh intersector is using is too strict. If you move the box down in the CPlane vertical direction by the file tolerance (.001) an intersection is found.

In the current WIP (7.0.20077.15225, 17-Mar-20), I see that MeshIntersect now has two options:

Tolerance ( Default Literal )
CoplanarFaces ( Drop Mesh Polylines )

As there is no help for this command currently, I have no idea what these options really mean.

I see that if I change the tolerance from ‘Default’ to ‘Literal’, an intersection is found (actually two, there is an extra curve that overlaps). So that’s a partial improvement… Note: this option does not stick between uses, it should.

I do not see any difference in output between the three CoplanarFaces options (for these objects).

MeshIntersectPlane2.3dm (314.3 KB)

Also note that if I use an IP for the intersection instead of the mesh plane, with the tolerance at Default, no intersection is found, but the IP display gets “stuck”. I will make a new post about this.

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