Meshing - smoothing out transitions between quads

hi all,

I have some code that jitters a grid of points in z, creates a coarse quad mesh from the jittered points, then culls some of the resulting faces. Later in the script, the mesh is further subdivided.

Problem is, wherever two regions of this face-culled mesh meet on a diagonal, i get an unsightly discontinuity. Ideally, I would like to have this diagonal region filled in with some additional faces such that in plan there is a smooth transition from region to region.
Any suggestions? I have considered doing the subdivision first, then somehow using the cull mask to draw the region I would like to “keep” and projecting it onto the mesh. So far it seems like a messy solution.

Script requires Weaverbird. (17.8 KB)

I don’t really know to solve this, but it reminds me of relaxing meshes in Kangaroo. Maybe you could use triangular faces instead of squares before you cull (dividing each square into two triangles) so that you would be more likely to get smoother corners?

hi @S_L I can think of something like that
add a small mesh at each interception.
but that led me to further subdivide the main mesh. (33.7 KB)