Meshing of 'kinked' surfaces

I’m working on something where it’s helpful at least for the moment to work with a surface made by merging two with a kink, but when point-editing the smoothing quickly gets out-of-whack and the crease ‘disappears’ from the shaded views. Are there custom mesh settings that might reduce that effect?

Hi Jim,

Can you upload the two surfaces?

Hi Jim- I do not see a good way to do that so far… still poking…


I don’t imagine there is, just asking…

Does RefreshShade help?

Yes, but I’d rather not have to run it every few seconds.

Hmmm- in theory, meshes are always refreshed on point editing in V5. Need to check on that I guess, Yep, I get new meshes on each edit here. Maybe this is relatively new though, even in V5, now that I think about it- could be an SR 5 thing. But I was still getting some smoothing at the creases before- not on my current test file.


RH-39892 is fixed in the latest WIP