I am trying to use the rhino meshfrompoints command from within grasshopper. I have created a gh file that makes use of commands from the Human set of components. Having ported the mesh into grasshopper using the Dynamicpipeline component, I would then like to hide the underlying mesh. But when I try to do this, it asks for the name of the object set to hide. When I press enter within the command line of Rhino, the mesh is hidden. Is there a way to avoid having to do this manual Enter. Incorporating an ENTER command within the grasshopper script does not do it as can be seen from the screenshot.
I attach the script as well.

Many thanks.

. (306.6 KB)

Oops, just found the soludion. I needed to add “-_hide” + " _Enter" to the string.
Did not realise that the Enter command is casesensitive.