I am running the evaluation version of Rhino5 and need the plugin meshflatten. I downloaded the rhp plugin and followed the instructions but it seems to be unable to initialize.

Any ideas to help me??

Hi Leandros,

Which plugin are you using exactly? I’m not sure if it’s the one from Resurf or the advanced flattening one on the McNeel wiki. Send a link to what you’re using if you can. If it is the one from Resurf it may only work in the 32 bit version of Rhino 5 so check that build.

Another thought for you that might be useful is to use the command Unwrap in Rhino 5 on any Polysurface or Mesh, you’ll be prompted to select the seams and these will be the edges that rip apart in the flattening. Then use ExtractUVMesh to draw out a rectangle (hold shift to keep it square) to extract the flattened render mesh or mesh object.