MeshFaceNormals outputs empty list when using a meshed surface C#

Hi all,
i m struggeling at the moment to get a list of the normals of the meshfaces of a mesh.

It works when i plug the planarMesh component in, but when i am using a mesh made out of a surface the MeshFacewNormalsList is empty.

Maybe someone can enlighten me.


Try M.FaceNormals.ComputeFaceNormals();

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Hi @Mostapha,

thanks for the answer.

I found that in the rhino commons before, but i dont get it, its returning a boolean value, how do i get the normal?

// calculate face normals
// copy your code from the screenshot here

o man, now i feel stupid.
Thanks a lot.

Also thought i would have been uploaded the script, not just the screenshot.