MeshFace.Flip seems to have a Bug

I was using MeshFace.Flip to flip mesh normals
but seems to do nothing, bug ?


Hi @gerryark,

Can you provide a cheap sample that isn’t working for you?


– Dale

Hi Dale

Well I was building a mesh manually

                    MeshFace mf = new MeshFace();
                    mf.A = ResultMesh.mWarp[j - 1].index[jj - 1];
                    mf.B =  ResultMesh.mWarp[j].index[jj - 1];
                    mf.C =  ResultMesh.mWarp[j].index[jj]   ;
                    mf.D = mf.C;


mf.A,mf.B and mf.C are the same as the initial values

I would expect

mf.A == mf.A
mf.B == mf.C
mf.C == mf.B
mf.D == mf.C

The MeshFace does not belong to a Mesh object, maybe this is the problem ?


Hi @gerryark,

I assume this is the case. Given a sample I can run here, I could verify.

– Dale