Meshes showing through solid walls when bringing into revit

In Rhino i created 2 curved walls that are both closed solid polysurfaces. when bringing in the walls into revit with a surface of: Concrete cast in place grey the polymesh shows through the surface.
Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you.


It seams your closed geometry become open in Revit.
A screenshot or even a part of the model would help in this case to better understand what happens there.

Sorry - Had these ready to go but had to figure out how to post them

2020-5-27_L5 LW-E_7.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hi Kike,

I posted screen shots and a model if you can please take a look. Don’t know it the meshes showing through are my bad modeling or a glitch that you guys need to fix bringing the closed objects into revit.
Thank you

Steven Shkolnik
Hathaway Dinwiddie


The problem is that right now Rhino.Inside doesn’t transfer well Breps that have “short edges”.
In Revit short edges are edges shorter than 0.0025602645572916664 feet.

You can use this Grasshopper definition to detect those “Short Edges”. (14.5 KB)

We are working to make this process transparent, but by now you will need to modify your geometry to avoid those “short edges” before doing the transfer.

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Hi Kike,

Wondering if there is a way to get the wall volume to transfer to Revit using grasshopper? Do you have such a script?



I see the problems with this model. Revit is rejecting the Solid Brep coming from Rhino. There are a number of reasons that this can happen. Normally it takes a process of cleaning up the model in Rhino so the BREP is cleaner.

The edges here are much more complex and kinky then needed. Is it possible I can get a larger portion of the model? I can see how you might clean it up. This can happen when trying to move solids from on product to another and tolerances are slightly different.

If it is a large model, you can use our upload system and comment that it is for me: