Meshes not displaying properly when using Kangaroo? (no division lines)

Hi all,

Im new to the software and have run into trouble when following some online tutorials: meshes do not seem to be displayed properly in my view port when working with kangaroo - they do appear to be there (I can see the camouflage-like pattern appear over my initial geometry) but there are no division lines at all.

Ive followed a few different tutorials with the same problem. Here are some photos:

(meshes shown in video screen below:)

(and now my screen:)

Ive had this issue in a few tutorials when using kangaroo. I think it may have to do with settings as I have followed the definition carefully in both cases.

I can post more photos if needed, any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Kyra.

Is your mesh display enabled in grasshopper?
If not press CTRL+M