Meshedit version

(Sculpterra) #1

Hi, I’ve encounter this message

"Oops! The server encountered an issue with your model:

Library MeshEdit Components by [uto] cannot be used yet. The currently supported maximum version is

(Ref: e7a18d79-c59c-4ce9-874f-abe307a66878)"

Is there a chance that you will update your plugin? Otherwise, I need instructions to downgrade mine, just from first attempt grasshopper didn’t allow it.

(Mathieu Huard) #2

We will likely update all the supported plugins to their latest version by the end of the month. I’ll post an answer here when it’s done!


I have experienced the same error with mesh from points. For some reason older version (1.900) takes too long time (more than 5s) to compute.


Awesome! Give us an update please. In the meantime, are there any ways to replace/go around mesh from points component?

(Sculpterra) #5

Thank you! Will wait impatiently

(Mathieu Huard) #6

In the meantime, you guys can just download the version of MeshEdit, which is still available on food4rhino: (it’s the second file in the list, dated from 2016-Oct-01).
Just delete version from your “Components” folder and replace it with the previous one.


Tried already. When I replaced “mesh from points” component to older version your server refused to “absorb” the script. Server says: The maximum computational time exceeded 5s.
I’ll try to do this again today and let you know.

(Mathieu Huard) #8

That sounds odd, does it take that long on your local machine as well? I could help better if you sent me a minimal version of the definition,