MeshEdges (MEdges) component does not segregate the naked and interior edges


I’m trying to pull out the ‘naked’ (outer) edges and the remaining inner edges of a mesh using the MeshEdges component.

E1 is selecting all the edges, where as it should select only the outermost.
E2 is empty when it should select all the inner edges.

How can I retrieve the outermost and the inner edges of this mesh separately?

Thanks. (10.3 KB)

Your mesh is actually a list of single face meshes (you can Mesh Join these into one mesh grid, or, generate a Mesh Plane in the first place):

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Thank you very much @AndersDeleuran

So the isotrim actually divided the plane into parts.

That’s correct, it returns subsurfaces of the input surface. If you just need a mesh grid, using Mesh Plane is likely the simplest solution.

Yes MeshPlane would achieve this rectangular grid much easily. I would need to create my own mesh though for further work, which would not be rectangular, so needed to understand what was going on.


If you need to subdivide a surface into an N*N cells mesh, something like this might work for you: (6.2 KB)

Edit: Topologically speaking this is (of course) still rectangular.


I am going to be working with a non-rectangular mesh division, like this:

Which plugin is ‘Mesh Point Grid’ part of?

How are you getting those time tags displayed below some components?

The component is called Mesh FromPoints and is from MeshEdit. Apologies, I actually thought it was part of the standard mesh tools, doh!

Display > Canvas Widgets > Profiler

Okay. Thanks a lot @AndersDeleuran

This was the one is was thinking about:

But I suppose this isn’t actually very useful to the grid you’re working with, anywho :nerd_face:

Yes :slight_smile: