MeshCP + MeshEval issue

Hi, I’m having an issue others seem to have had as well. I created two different meshes (A and B) from the same brep. Mesh A has more subdivisions than B.

I performed a ladybug shadow analysis on mesh A, which returned a new mesh (A’) with different vertex colors.

I then use mesh B to create a new mesh (B’) which will be colored based on mesh A’. So I get the vertices from mesh B and use them to perform a MeshCP on mesh A’. This returns the mesh parameters on mesh A’, which I use to do a Mesh Eval on mesh A’. This returns the vertex color at each parameter on mesh A’. I then deconstruct mesh B and construct B’ using the vertices and faces from mesh B, and the vertex colors I obtained from mesh A’.

Clearly, the process is not working as intended. The weird points you see floating are the points at the mesh parameter on A’, which clearly are in the wrong position (they should be on top of the mesh).

Any clues as to what may be causing this?