Mesh Weld Vertices missing component

Hi Guys!!!
Please see this picture over here and please help me out…!

I’ve installed MeshEdit from Food4Rhino but one component is still missing.

Thank you…!!!

are you sure you unblocked it? the other components are native

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I’ve heard that to allow, to avoid window firewall there would be checkbox on the right.
But I can’t see for the check box for allowing the file, it seems that it is allowed already.

And my professor said It seems that Rhino Grasshopper erased that component after updating new version. I just wanted to know if it is right or not.

(I’m really sorry for poor English)

I normally unblock the zip file, but strange that you don’t have the option.
I don’t think Mcneel would delete any third party component.

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Oh on the “Zip file” I found that unblocking check box, and then unzipped it.
And then installed in Grasshopper file, and then I can find Mesh Weld Vertices component XD