Mesh uv transform

Hi all!

I’m try do something like “modo UV transform function” with the kangaroo meshmap component.
This means wrapping a mesh to an other mesh like the splop component does with surfaces.

1-When I use simple quad mesh for the source and the target references mesh, it work perfectly.
2-When I use mesh with a poles/star topology it goes wrong.
3-When I use a squished mesh it doesn’t work too.

Do I made it wrong or it’s a bug with meshmap component?
Is there an onther way to do that?

Hi Victor,

The MeshMap component requires that the meshes have the same topology.
I suppose it would be possible to transform from relative to a square grid to relative to a 4 sided patch within a more complex mesh though - you’d just have to extract the patch first.

Hi Daniel,

Thank for you’re reply, in my case, it won’t be easy to extract patch first.
I try to decorate an entire freeform shape and the workflow i used before (squish and squish back function) was very “laborious”. I was just wondering if there is better a way to do that with uv mesh.

How are you generating the flattened partial mesh on the right?
If you have the portion of the 3d mesh with matching topology you can map between them without needing to split into 4 sided patches.

I generate the flattened mesh on the rigth by squishing a “uniform” quad mesh.

I"ve try with matching topology duo of mesh but it still doesn’t work.

You might need to triangulate before squishing.
I tried with a squished mesh, and there’s something strange about the resulting flat mesh that stops it working with the meshmap component, but it works if you apply a Combine&Clean first: (24.9 KB)

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Yeah!! It work perfectly with triangulated mesh! Cool!
thank you so much Daniel!

Great, glad it helped.
I should make it work with quads, or at least include something in the description saying it needs triangles.